NCWCA Preview Show May 13, 2017

The North Central WI Cattlemen’s Association invites the public and those raising beef or wanting to learn about beef production to the Beef Round-up on Saturday, May 13, 2017, at Brecke Rodeo Arena, W7939 Hwy 64, Medford, WI. The Round-up will be held from 7:00 am to 3:30 pm.

New this year, the NCWCA Beef Preview Show will be held in conjunction with the annual Round-up. All students within or out of Wisconsin planning for upcoming fairs and shows are invited to participate. The NCWCA Preview consists of Jackpot Showmanship for students ages 8 to 22, a Junior Market Steer Show, and an Open Heifer Show (for both youth and adults). $200 grand champion steer and heifer and $100 reserve grand champion steer and heifer are being awarded. The NCWCA Preview will be an excellent event for both the exhibitor and their animal(s) to gain experience for the 2017 fair and show season.

Take this opportunity to visit with area cattlemen and their cattle while learning about the beef industry and enjoying good food, an auction and preview show.

The Round-up begins with a Steak & Egg Breakfast provided by Taylor County Farm Bureau from 7:30 –10:30 a.m.

A Beef Showmanship Clinic for youth participating in fair and beef shows begins at 9 a.m. All youth are invited to participate. The Preview Show begins following the NCWCA Seed Stock Auction.

The NCWCA Seed Stock Auction starts at 10:00 a.m. Breeding stock of all breeds, both commercial and registered: cow-calf pairs, yearling heifers, bred heifers, cows and bulls are available for sale. A sale catalog will be available soon.

The NCWCA kitchen will be serving plate lunches from 11 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. The menu showcases the association’s famous grilled ribeye sandwiches, along with hamburgers and hot dogs.

Gates to the NCWCA Preview will open at 7 am; check-in and weigh-in closes at 9:30 am. A Showmanship Clinic begins at 9 am. The Preview begins at approximately 12:30 pm, with Jackpot Showmanship immediately following the conclusion of the NCWCA Seed stock Sale.

2017 NCWCA Preview Show Rules To receive early-bird discounted rates, entry forms (one exhibitor per form) are due with payment by April 30, 2017, to the address listed on the form.

For more information, contact Sandy Stuttgen, Agriculture Educator, UW-Extension Taylor County at 715-748-3327 ext 1or visit the Taylor County UWEX website at

Scenes from the Round-up

Time has flown by: it seems like only yesterday when we participated in our very successful 2015 NCWCA Round-up and Sale. Held on May 16 at the Brecke Rodeo Arena west of Medford, the event was well attended and good –some would say very good–prices were received for the cattle sold.

Thanks to all members who co-signed cattle and who helped with the whole day. From ring men, barn crew, kitchen crew, United FCS, RJ Stockwell Auctioneer, bidders and visitors: the day is not possible without all of you!!!

Also thanks to Mark & Ashley Zimmerman, Spencer for hosting an outstanding Fitting & Grooming Clinic! A Cattle Judging Contest was also made possible with help from Professor Amy Radunz and Dewey Wachholz of UW-River Falls, and Lance Miller of Purina Animal Nutrition LLC and Sandy Stuttgen, UW-Extension Taylor County. Feeder and finished steers were provided by Seubert Inc, Dorchester, heifers provided by Dean Skabroud and bulls provided by Kurt Hallstrand, members of NCWCA.

Thanks too for the donations of Semen from Genex and Heartland CoOp and Ray Melander for the generous donation of the Powder River Cattle Chute. The semen sold for $200. The arrangement that NCWCA could keep all funds raised above the no-sale bid amount specified for the chute was truly appreciated. The $450 raised, along with the semen sale and cattle sales commission will be used for all aspects of the beef industry including but not limited, to animal nutrition information for our members, beef related education for consumers and general promotion of the beef industry.


Sustainability of WI Beef and Pork Producers WHAT IS DONE ON THE FARM?

Highlights from a baseline assessment, 2015

Animal Standard_Highlights2015

The Wisconsin pork and beef industries are being proactive in documenting the sustainability of their producers while ensuring grower engagement in the process. These industries partnered with the National Initiative for Sustainable Agriculture to develop and implement a baseline sustainability assessment on farm level practices for local beef and pork producers.

The University of WI-Extension worked closely with the Wisconsin Pork Producers and the Wisconsin Cattleman’s Association on this groundbreaking program to measure on-farm sustainability success, encourage continual improvements and help farmers, food buyers and consumers learn about sustainability of Wisconsin beef and pork operations. This helps in the effort for valid documentation, continual improvement, and helps promote and communicate advancements in sustainable practices used on their local production systems.

The assessment used an entry level, baseline approach where researchers and producers determined question needs. In total, 90 producers filled out the assessment, with 65 beef operations assessed and 18 pork operations assessed.

These were family operations, with an average of 2 generations actively working on the farm, and on average these operations had been in business for 27 years.

Highlighted Results: The data shown demonstrates the percentage of growers using practices which encourage sustainable agricultural advancements.

Animal Production Management and Wellbeing:
• 95% of participants maintain records for their animals, with 69% of those having records by individual animal!
• 89% of farms had employees trained in various programs from quality assurance programs, to animal handling and confined worker safety
• 99% use nutritionally balance diets and clean water sources for all animals on the farm
• 86% treat diseased or injured animals promptly, and ensure veterinary care
• Cleanliness is stressed on the vast majority of farms (98%) as measure are taken to reduce dust, flies and odors!
• 97% of farm workers follow strict animal care and handling practices
Manure and waste management:
• Over 65% of farms use buffer strips of proper setback when applying manure
• 73% of growers use one or more tactics to prevent manure dilution, spills or other concerns.
Farm Economics and Community Outreach:
• Only 20% of producers have a farm succession plan, something that would need to be implemented to maintain farmlands in agriculture.
• 92% of all participants are involved in their communities at a local level, including 26% who are member of local boards, 32% who are involved in local service organizations, and 32% who invite school and other community members to the farm to learn about agriculture
• 54% of participants support their rural economies by buying their inputs from local sources

Jack Named Cattleman of the Year

Camera 032 Jack Johnson was named Cattleman of the Year during the 2015 Wisconsin Cattlemen’s Association Winter Conference. This is an honor awarded by the members and board of WCA in recognition of distinguished service to WCA and the beef industry.

In addition his work with WCA, Jack is a founding and current Director and Past-President of the North Central WI Cattleman’s Association. He is an active member in the Medford FFA Alumni, Taylor County Farm Bureau, and VFW Honor Guard. Jack was instrumental in starting the Taylor County Market Animal Sale & Show of the Taylor County Fair. Also an avid sportsman (rifle hunting, bow hunting and trapping), he is a member of Taylor County Sportsman.

Jack raises Herefords on his Medford area farm. His long-range goals for the beef industry include starting his grandchildrens’ beef herds; each is given ownership of a heifer on their first birthday, every subsequent heifer born is theirs to be raised and re-bred; if a bull is born, it becomes a steer to be sold and the money placed in the grandchild’s account. His three year old granddaughter is eagerly awaiting the arrival of her pregnant heifer’s calf this spring.

Congratulations Jack!

Calving Season Will Soon Be Here

These cold snowy days will soon give way to our spring calving season. In anticipation of this, now is the time to get supplies and plans ready so all calving events will be successful ones on your farm. For the majority of cases, your beef cows will deliver on their own; but, a few may require assistance. There are three stages to the birthing process, or parturition: dilation of the cervix, delivery of the calf and delivery of the placenta. Knowing the normal birth process will help you decide whether or not to intervene.In attempting to correct a malposition, it is useful to list what can’t be done so you don’t waste time trying. Read more….The Three Stages of Bovine Parturition Factsheet